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Back-to-School Ideas

“It’s the most wonderful time…” Err, yes Summer is nearing its end and the new school year is upon us, but it no way signals the end of your Fortamajig usage! Here are some great back-to-school ideas for getting even more from your all-in-one play space!

  1. Fall means sports activities outdoors. Why not bring along your Fortamajig or Fun Fort as a protective sun barrier for the little ones playing between your camping chairs?
  2. If the sun’s not out, use it as a comfortable layer between you and the ground. My family spread two Fortamajigs on the lawn of this year’s July 4th band concert on Cape Cod.
  3. Homework time can be fun, inspiring and imaginative.  Let kids create their own study space and let the learning begin!
  4. Weekend visits to family and sleepovers with new school friends mean helping your kids create imaginary but comfortable places in environments that might not be as familiar to them. So bring along that Fun Fort to Aunt Mary’s! Let the cousins in on the fun too!
  5. Go to the head of the class. Teachers often appreciate anything a parent is willing to do to contribute to the classroom learning environment. Would a Fortamajig provide a comforting/quiet place for schoolroom nap time? How about a fun option for your child and his/her classmates at recess?
  6. Tailgating at sporting events? Need an instant canopy but have no room to transport a full structure? Use a Fortamajig as a protective barrier hanging off the back of your vehicle’s rear lift gate.

I’m sure you have some good ideas too. Will you share some here?


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