Why Forts?

Why Forts?

Everyone needs their own hang out – a place that’s all theirs. Building forts gives kids the freedom to do their own thing, that keeps them engaged for hours. They’re lost in their own imaginations, fully occupied with the fun of it.

It’s amazing to watch what they create, how their wheels are turning, where they want to go. You see it first with the delight on a child’s face when they scurry under a table to hide. For a minute, they believe they are invisible, that they’ve tricked you. As they move on to a fort, there’s an incredible gift for the parent in the unexpected discoveries you can make about your kids and seeing things through their eyes.

Maybe you’ll see your daughter tending her doll babies – feeding them, reading to them. You’ll see her copy the things you do and realize the impact you have on her life. Your son decides to bring his cars into this cool fort he’s decked out with a little roadmap for his fleet. You can hear him talking, one driver to another, and think, “Wow, I’ve really gotta be careful of what I say when I’m driving in traffic!”

Fort building is cool, fun and way more than just playtime. It’s time to learn about your kids – while they are learning about themselves. It’s rare to find a pastime that accomplishes both so effortlessly.

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