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Bay State Parent It’s creative, practical, durable, portable, storable and washable!

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Creative Child Awards for both the Original Fortamajig and the Fortamajig Connectables! The Original Fortamajig received a 2009 PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD (Indoor/Outdoor Play category). The Fortamajig Connectables received a 2009 SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD (Indoor/Outdoor Play category).

Fortamajig Connectables Wins Tillywig 2009 Top Fun Award! Top fun toys are “exceptional products that stand out in terms of outstanding design, construction, and play.” View Award Toy Guide “Nothing’s more fun than building a fort…” View Article Build a tent, fort, clubhouse or just a sunshade with this eight-foot square of high-quality tent material loaded with fasteners and loops. It’s great for indoor forts, too, because it’s so lightweight. View Article

The Original Fortamajig featured in Parents’ Choice article! Each month the Parents’ Choice® website features several articles that help guide families in making their family activities more fun, interactive, and thought-provoking for their children. This month, The Original Fortamajig was featured in the The Great Outdoors article. The full article is located here on the Parents’ Choice website. “My kids have already had so much fun with it!” View Review

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Mom Central Holiday Gift Guide “The Fortamajig Connectibles are as ingenious as they are fun.” “If you are looking for a virtually indestructible toy that encourages creative, open-ended, active play, and is extremely, unequivocally FUN, look no further than The Original Fortamajig!” View Article

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Rerun and Jungle Clown “I was immediately taken by this product and ordered it for the kids for Christmas.” “This is a product you spend a few minutes assembling, and literally hours enjoying with your kids” View Article

Toy Wishes All Star Award Winner “These connecting fabric panels give kids a new way to build.” “Portability and high play-value make Connectables my first choice for on-the-road entertainment.” View Article

Dr. Toy Award Winner The Fortamajig Connectables has been awarded the 10 Best Active Products of 2008 and the 100 Best Products of 2008 awards! View Award “The most portable fort I have ever seen!” “Connectables are empowering kid-size fort building tools. They are a perfect standalone toy, and are great for adding extra excitement to pretend play.” View Article

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Boston Magazine “All across New England, small manufacturers are turning out the homegrown kids’ clothing, sophisticated furniture, and eco-friendly toys you’re looking for.”

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Newsday “The Original Fortamajig… puts a new spin on an old concept” View Article “The Fortamajig is absolutely the greatest invention I’ve seen in some time.” View Article

Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner “The concept is nothing short of brilliant.” View Article “Clever Parents loves the Fortamajig because it’s easy to use, it’s fun, it offers limitless opportunities for open-ended creative play and when play time is over, it folds up neatly into a bag. Pretty clever, huh?” View Article

Worcester Telegram & Gazette “The achievement of these goals, plus the simple-but-versatile design of the Fortamajig, earned it the Dr. Toy Award for Best Products this year.” View Article “The Fortamajig would make a perfect birthday gift, or stock up now for the holidays!” “Why didn’t they have this when we were kids?”

Seattle Post Intelligencer “Unless you’ll miss the fun of washing all those sheets later, here’s another way to go: the Fortamajig.” View Article “We love products that give parents big bang for their buck.” View Article “Building forts with the Fortamajig… I actually had the feeling that we were inventing ways to use it, which is about the best feeling any toy can give.” View Article “Fortamajig is fun. It’s easy. Your brain gets a workout thinking of fort designs that aren’t limited by gravity. The product is compact and disappears when you want your room back. Plus, it’s cool.” View Article

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